Poo Poo Birds is an addicting new game where you play in an entirely new way. Shoot down the birds and see how high you can score in this exciting game. Play it for Free!

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The Family

Now we'll introduce the Poo Poo Birds Family

Pooyike - the green menace

He's born in PiyePiye Town & his favorites fruit is Durian

Poopratt - the blue flyer

From BalaBala Island & her favorites candy is Lily Pop

Pooeuw - the red sparrow

Born in Arizozon Forest & his favorites drink is Coco Lala

How To Play With Your Smartphone(s)

SkyeTouch Studios

  • #1

    In order to play the game, you must first lift your device over your head with the screen facing down

  • #2

    Once the game says "GO!", you can zoom in by quickly double tapping the screen. Look around the game screen by physically moving your device

  • #3

    While zoomed, single tapping or pressing and holding on the screen will fire your weapon. Try to track with The Bird to get the best shot

  • #4

    As you rack in points, the game will get harder. Stay quick to get a High Score!

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